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Boost Your Sales and Unlock Actionable Insights.

Get actionable insights from the people that count. Offer a unique discount code to high intent customers, in return for providing you with their data.

"We are surrounded by data, but starved for insights"
Here's how we feed you with data full of insights:

Meaningful data from a source you can trust.

Shopify Survey App

Reward your customers for their insights and gain a data source you can trust. Use these insights to build marketing strategies based on truth, not guesswork.

Pop-up activates when a customer adds an item to cart

Decrease shopping cart abandonment and increase responses by rewarding customers for their insights.

High intent responses

Get meaningful insights by receiving survey responses from customers with high purchase intent.

Free Shopify App

Start building ideal customer profiles in less than 10 minutes.

Bazar's plug and play app makes Zero Party Data collection effortless. No developer needed.

No-code Implementation

Install Bazar Pre Purchase Surveys through the Shopify store and activate the pop up when you are ready.

Stream Continuous Insights

Drive sales whilst capturing insights about your customers.

Toggle On & Off

Toggle the pop up on and off when you like.

Affiliate marketing. Without the commission.

Shopify Affiliate Marketing

Increase your brands reach and drive sales by getting your store in front of the right people. Becoming a partner of Bazar means you can tap into a network of relevant consumers via our newsletter.

As long as your pop-up is active on your website, we will continue to promote your stores discount to all new and existing Bazar users that are interested in your product category.

No monthly subscription.
No affiliate fee.
Bazar is free.

...for now

Get in touch to take advantage of this limited time offer.

Shopify Survey App
Shopify Survey App
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