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Understand how best to reach       customers and  promote                       engagement

Digital Marketing Survey Templates

Want to get more from your survey responses? Check out our Bespoke Insights Page

Knowing who your current and future customers are and the habits they have online helps inform digital advertising strategy . Our Demographic profiling helps improve marketing ROI through effective social media ad placement and audience targeting.

Piece Together What Content to Produce

Combine our demographic profiling with insights on the type of content people prefer, the topics they are interested in and the ways in which they like to receive content. This will help you get the right type of content to the right people in the right place.

How Does Bazar Surveys Inform Digital Marketing Strategy?

Target the right people in the right place

Lead generation using social media can be a difficult task. Bazar Surveys allows you to understand not just what social media your customers and potential customers are using but also the frequency of their usage and their receptiveness to advertisement. 

Check out some survey templates below to see what kinds of questions you can be asking.

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