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What Is The Best Influencer Marketing Tool: 6 Tools To Use In 2022

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Digital marketing is both simpler and more challenging than ever before. On the one hand, we now have more people to access than we did in the past with internet and smartphone usage almost ubiquitous across the world. Marketers have access to more influencer outreach methods with new social media platforms such as TikTok taking the world by storm and creating a lot of influencers in the process.

On the other hand, you must navigate a considerably greater crowd in order to be seen. It is more important than ever to have the right influencer strategy that aligns with your brand.

Marketers are required to employ each and every tool they have at their disposal. Influencers are important because they provide access to vast new audiences eager to learn more about what brands have to offer.

How can you get in touch with influencers in order to get in touch with their followers? You'll become a master of influencer outreach with these 6 tools.

BuzzSumo is one of the most popular platforms used by digital marketers. is used for far more than just influencer outreach and can be used for just about every digital marketing work, from competitor research to Twitter profile search.

There are many elements on BuzzSumo that can help you find the right technique when approaching niche influencers and they provide a forecast on how responsive they will be.

In order to determine whether the influencers you have picked prefer to engage with their audience or if they are only broadcasting, keep an eye on crucial indicators like the retweet rate and reply ratio.

One of the best influencer outreach tools is Pitchbox. Along with numerous tools to help you manage and stay in touch with your contacts, it offers a potent prospecting feature.

To keep your team informed about who of your influencers needs a follow-up, who is most receptive, and the best ways to contact each one, you can set up follow-ups, reminders, and status updates.

Be cautious with your emailing techniques when developing your email outreach campaign. Ensure that your emails don't appear spammy as this could harm your reputation.

In reality, I could have included Hootsuite in its entirety on this list and it would have applied. But particularly for the pro platform, I really like Agorapulse. You can use the customized influencer reports that are generated for you using geo-data, hashtags, and information from your Instagram profile.

This is a must-have for everyone that uses Instagram as part of their influencer strategy, because there aren't nearly enough options available. Their cross-search functionality is truly unique and offers complete customisation.

There are more than 750,000 influencers in Fourstarzz Media's database. You can filter the influencers using this influencer marketing tool according to geography, channel, gender, influencer type, and type of audience.

Comparison of influencer profiles based on reach and engagement rates may help you further refine your search results. You can contrast audience demographics, interests, post values, and content genres in addition.

There are no restrictions with what we think is the top influencer marketing tool for small and medium-sized enterprises. Unlimited influencer lists, limitless searches, and unlimited influencer reports are all available from Fourstarzz Media. You can also create campaigns and determine whether an influencer matches your brand's aesthetic.

This influencer tool uses AI to link your brand with the ideal influencer. You can look up influencers in their database of more than 7 million influencers using criteria like location and industry. You can use influencer engagement rates, keywords, languages, and audience demographics, to further refine your results.

You may see an influencer's statistics and search for them on Heepsy using their handle.

What else?

The platform provides content analysis and indicators such as engagement, follower growth, and authenticity. To make sure they are a good fit for your company, you can also obtain audience numbers and an anticipated influencer cost.

Bazar isn’t your typical influencer marketing tool. We don’t have a database of hundreds of thousands of influencers, nor do we offer influencer reporting or anything along those lines.

Bazar does, however, offer something none of the other tools mentioned do. We offer the ability for brands to get direct insights from their target audience to help you get started with the right influencer strategy.

Using Bazar to find out customer insights such as:

  • What are your customer preferred social media platforms?

  • What type of influencers do your customers mainly follow?

  • How inclined are your customers to purchase something as a result of influencer marketing?

Having the answers to these questions will help you approach your influencer marketing strategy in the most effective manner. You will know the right platform to focus efforts on, the type of influencers to add to your strategy and determine the best goal for your strategy whether it be brand awareness, increased sales or building a community.

How Best To Approach An Influencer Marketing Strategy

The worst thing you can do as a brand is to just throw money at influencers and hope to get a result. At best, you will drive short term sales, at worst you will be throwing a lot of money away with little results.

The best use of influencer marketing is done when building long lasting relationships with the influencers you use. You want the influencers to align with your brand and its values. They shouldn’t just be used as a short term sales boost but as a long term way to help your brand gain trust and build a sense of community.

If you are new to influencer marketing (or haven’t seen much success with it), then start off by using a tool such as Bazar. Find out what social media platforms you should focus on and the types of influencers that would provide the best results. It is also important to establish the goal of your influencer strategy and have a tangible way to measure the outcome. Tools such as Heepsy or Fourstarzz Media are great for this.

Once you have identified what type of influencers and the preferred platform then you can leverage tools such as BuzzSumo or Pitchbox to begin trying to find your influencers and bringing them on board for your brand.



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